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Purchasing Diamonds, Jewelry or Gemstones represents a major investment in time and money. At The World Gemmological Laboratory, we feel that you deserve to have confidence about the value and contents of the item you are purchasing. A World Gemmological Laboratory grading report speaks volumes about the item you are purchasing or selling. As Jewelry is a major purchase, you deserve to have confidence that the item that you are purchasing has significant intrinsic value, and that you are making a wise investment in fine jewelry or loose diamonds.

By choosing an item with a World Gemmological Laboratory report you are relying on Gemologists with tremendous and important grading experience. Our trained professionals have dozens of years of jewelry industry experience, making World Gemmological Laboratory uniquely qualified to render a correct valuation of your fine jewelry purchase. World Gemmological Laboratory clarifies for the jewelry purchaser the value of a given jewelry piece or loose diamond, resulting in the proven increased sale value and hence higher return on investment, and with a 96-hour guaranteed turnaround or it's free! We are one of the fastest Diamond and Jewelry grading service available today. World Gemmological Laboratory has set a new standard for Diamond and Jewelry grading reports.

World Gemmological Laboratory reports are regarded as a certain verification of value, and are frequently being requested as the grading report of choice among buyers and sellers of Jewelry and Diamonds.

World Gemmological Laboratory:
Verified Value, Consistent Grading, Peace of Mind

What does World Gemmological Laboratory offer that’s better than the competition?
96 hour guaranteed turnaround grading service or its Free! However, we do not rush. Each item is graded with care and fairness
Consistent and reliable grades and values.
Peace of mind for buyers.
Intelligent approach to jewelry and diamond valuation that provides buyers with a basis to understand the purchase price of a given item.
What are we doing better than the competition?
Consistency in grading
Fast service
Very reasonable per certificate pricing
Convenient wallet sized grading report
Consumer friendly grading system that generally conforms to industry standards
Best trained employees in the jewelry industry