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Shipping Address:
World Gemmological Laboratory, 341 Lafayette Ste 4241 New York, NY 10012

How to address your shipment to the lab:
341 Lafayette
Ste 4241
New York, NY 10012

How to protect your shipments:
Customer should include an Inventory list in the box detailing the items being sent.
Instructions on how much to insure the item on return, and how fast you would like the items back, 1 or 2 day Fedex Service.
Charges incurred by the World Gemmological Laboratory for shipping items back are charged to customer at 150% of cost based on Customers request for Federal Express 1 or 2 day service, and 0.35 cents per $100.00 of desired insurance. World Gemmological Laboratory is not responsible, nor does cover shipment's that are lost do to customer having a "No signature required - release waiver on file with Federal Express on arrival to customers location".
Ship your items overnight if you have insurance, if not ship registered insured by USPO.
Laboratory Operation Schedule:
Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:30AM and 5:30PM New York time.