About World Gemmological Laboratory

The World Gemmological Laboratory is becoming one of the premier grading laboratories for diamonds, jewelry and colored gemstones. Founded to protect buyers from inaccurate Diamond and Jewelry grading reports, our mission is to provide full grading disclosure so buying and selling is as safe as possible.

WGL is setting a new standard for diamond and jewelry grading reports, and its diamond and jewelry grading reports are regarded as an excellent indicator of value, and are frequently being requested as the grading report of choice among buyers and sellers of Jewelry and Diamonds.

The World Gemmological Laboratory is an independent company and does not endorse or recommend any commercial product, company or individual, including companies or individuals with web sites that may offer a link to WGL's web site.

By choosing an item with a World Gemmological Laboratory report you can be confident that:

All World Gem Lab graders are jewelry industry veterans.
You will receive a 72-hour guaranteed turnaround service or it's free!
Full disclosure on the grade of the cut on all loose diamond reports.
Independent in it's grading policy.
Reasonable cost per report.
Preferred new grading report of choice among many buyers.
Best customer service in the industry.